Peanut Butter Onesie


In honor of our dog Molly's favorite snack; comes the Peanut Butter onesie. Not only is this a delicious food item for humans, it's a nutritious snack for dogs as well (in moderation of course). The great thing about peanut butter is that you can sneak in medicine and they won't know a thing!


100% Cotton Super Stretchable


Handwash me, please

Peanut Butter Onesie
Peanut Butter Onesie
Peanut Butter Onesie
Peanut Butter Onesie

Size Guide

Our Little Beasts

@enyleeparker Name: Eames Breed: Cockapoo Boxer Mix Weight: 45 lbs Girth: 28" Length: 23" Eames is wearing size XL
@hello_lila Name: Sofi Breed: Chihuahua Jack Russell mix Weight: 12 lbs Girth: 16" Length: 13" Sofi is wearing size S
@maireyabrooks Name: Honey Breed: Goldendoodle Weight: 60 lbs Girth: 23" Length: 22" Honey is wearing size XXL
@torirahnn Name: Arlo Breed: Chihuahua Mix Weight: 9 lbs Girth: 15" Length: 13" Arlo is wearing size XS
@fauci.kpup Name: Fauci Breed: Jindo Mix Weight: 12 lbs Girth: 10" Length: 14" Fauci is wearing size S
@yourgirlzola Name: Zola Breed: Mini Schnauzer Mix Weight: 15 lbs Girth: 19" Length: 14" Zola is wearing size S
@lattethefirefox Name: Latte Breed: Long Haired Chihuahua Weight: 6.5 lbs Girth: 14" Length: 10" Latte is wearing size XXS
@mildredrobertgoldeneyebrown Name: Millie Breed: Pitbull Weight: 55 lbs Girth: 30" Length: 30" Millie is wearing size XXL