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About us

We know how special our dogs are to the family unit and in that spirit we created a shop that is filled with items that we feel is as special to us as it will be to our furry friends. We hope you like it.

As a dog mom, I always look for products that are unique and that is ethically produced. I felt that most of the dog products on the market were low quality and mass produced by big retailers which led to a lack of attention to detail and uniqueness. There had to be a outlet to showcase independent brands and creators. 

We value every single customer and supporter of Little Beast. We’re like a big dog family. Our goal is to build a community that we can connect together with through our doggos. We are always here for you and want to hear your story! If you want to talk with us text (856) 395- 9787 Our journey doesn’t end when the products leave our hand. Let us hear your story. Share your post on instagram and #littlebeast can’t wait to see all your cute photos and hear your story.

We make sure to give back to animal focused non-profits. As rescued dog parents and foster volunteers, we absolutely understand the need for these organizations and the good that they do. Every purchase is eligible for a donation that comes out of our pockets. You just need to choose which organization we should give to.