Dog Sweaters

Our sweaters are loved by humans, dogs, and cats around the world. These sweaters are perfect for dogs who might get a bit chilly indoors with the A/C on or for those cool walks outside. We made these for small dogs, medium dogs, and some bigger dogs too. You won't find these dog sweaters anywhere else!

Frequent Questions

Should dogs wear sweaters?

We are obviously biased here but of course we think some dogs should wear sweaters! It absolutely is not 100% mandatory but if your dog gets easily cold, sweaters can be a cute and practical solution to keep them warm.

Is it OK to leave a sweater on a dog?

Yes, it is okay to leave a sweater on your dog. However, we do not recommend keeping it on forever! We recommend putting on the sweater when you go outside in the cold and taking it off in warm weather.

What types of dogs need sweaters?

All kinds of dogs need sweaters! In particular, chihuahuas, yorkies, malteses, dachshunds, and many other short haired or smaller dogs. Bigger dogs can wear sweaters too if they easily get cold!

How to put a sweater on your dog?

We recommend scrunching up the sweater by the neck hole. Then you would first put it over the head and then put their foot in the front two feet holes. Afterwards, you can roll the sweater back near the hind legs and then insert the back legs into their respective spots.

Dog Sweaters

Dog sweaters are a fun and cute way to keep your dog warm and stylish during the cold winter months. For some dogs, even being in air conditioned rooms can be uncomfortable so dog sweaters become perfect solutions.

Dog sweaters will keep your pup looking super cute and adorable but also can keep them clean outdoors. If your dog is a super shedder and you’re visiting folks who dislike dog hair in their house, you can put on a dog sweater so that your pup does not leave a bunch of hair all over.

Our knitted dog sweaters are made with super soft acrylic yarn and designed right here in New York City.