Fantastic Onesie


Fantastic is the kind of word that can't be said in a downer way. Like try it. Anyway you say it, it sounds positive. That's Fantastic! You're Fantastic! What a fun word. Your pup will be


96% Cotton 4% Spandex


Handwash me, please

Fantastic Onesie
Fantastic Onesie
Fantastic Onesie

Size Guide

Our Little Beasts

Name: Margot Breed: Mini Aussie Weight: 23 lbs Girth: 20" Length: 20" Margot is wearing size M.
Name: Franklin Breed: Xolotitzcuintil Mix Weight: 12 lbs Girth: 18" Length: 14" Franklin is wearing size S.
Name: Ziggy Breed: Chihuahua Rat Terrier mix Weight: 14 lbs Girth: 19" Length: 14" Ziggy is wearing size S.
Name: Sofi Breed: Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix Weight: 12 lbs Girth: 16" Length: 13" Sofi is wearing size XS.
Name: Gigi Breed: Brussels Griffon Weight: 8 lbs Girth: 17" Length: 13" Gigi is wearing a size XS.
Name: Gus Breed: Pug Weight: 14.5 lbs Girth: 18" Length: 15" Gus is wearing size S.
Name: Cowboy Breed: Chiweenie Weight: 8 lbs Girth: 14" Length: 11" Cowboy is wearing size XXS.
Name: Tofu Breed: Chihuahua Weight: 6 lbs Girth: 14" Length: 12" Tofu is wearing size XXS.