Fabulous Onesie


Your dog is a one of kind, special fur-ball baby that deserves to shine. Never let any other dog tell it otherwise. So with that, we bring you the Fabulous Onesie that can bring the sparkle to life. Your dog is awesome. Your dog is special. Your dog is fabulous.


96% Cotton 4% Spandex


Handwash me, please

Fabulous Onesie
Fabulous Onesie
Fabulous Onesie
Fabulous Onesie

Size Guide

Our Little Beasts

Name: Sofi Breed: Chihuahua Jack Russell Mix Weight: 12 lbs Girth: 16" Length: 13" Sofi is wearing size XS.
Name: Beau Breed: Jack Russell Australian Cattle dog mix Weight: 45 lbs Girth: 23" Length: 25" Beau is wearing size XL.
Name: Diddy Weight: 14 lbs Girth: 18" Length: 15" Diddy is wearing size S.
Name: June Weight: 19 lbs Girth: 21" Length: 14" June is wearing size M.