Cloud Nine Fleece Onesie


These onesies are so soft and poofy, we actually contemplated making them in human sizes. That saying that people say that they feel like they're on cloud nine? It's this.


Stretchable Polyester


Handwash me, please

Cloud Nine Fleece Onesie
Cloud Nine Fleece Onesie
Cloud Nine Fleece Onesie
Cloud Nine Fleece Onesie

Size Guide

Our Little Beasts

Name: Lucky Breed: Corgi Cocker Spaniel Mix Weight: 25 lbs Girth: 21" Length: 17" Lucky is wearing size L
Name: Molly Breed: Bordercollie Lab Mix Weight: 43 lbs Girth: 26" Length: 22" Molly is wearing size XXL
Name: Lainie Breed: Pug Weight: 7.5 lbs Girth: 16" Length: 11" Lainie is wearing size XS
Name: Finn Breed: Cavapoo Weight: 4 lbs Length: 10" Finn is wearing size XS
Name: Joey Breed: Miniature Schnauzer Weight: 12 lbs Girth: 17" Length: 14" Joey is wearing size S
Name: Bonnie Breed: M Weight: 16 lbs Girth: 15" Length: 12" Bonnie is wearing size M
Name: Ruby Breed: Yorkshire Terrier Weight: 14 lbs Girth: 16" Length: 14" Ruby is wearing size XS
Name: Prince Leon Breed: Chihuahua Pom Mix Weight: 10 lbs Girth: 14" Length: 16" Prince Leon is wearing size XS