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Can you imagine eating the same dry food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your entire life?

As a dog parent, every time my dog looks at me with her sad eyes, with her head on my lap as I eat some delicious human food, I feel a surge of guilt in my heart.  This was our routine every night until I started fresh dog food delivery services. I am now a guilt free dog parent now that my best friend eats food that’s actually delicious. No more burnt brown pellets for dinner.

Fresh Dog Meal delivery services are growing in popularity for busy dog parents who want to feed their dogs pet safe, high-quality raw food that is delivered right to their door around their own busy schedule. It’s like Blue Apron for your dog, but you don’t have to cook.  

Feeding the right dog food is essential to keep your dog healthy and happy.  We all know that the dry dog food we get from big retailers is filled with preservatives and massively processed that no one knows how old the ingredients they use are. Feeding fresh food claims to improve activity level and immune system as well as healthier skin and coat.

This is why many dog parents joined the fresh dog meal movement. Ready to join the movement? Here are our top recommendations for fresh dog food delivery services.


Fresh ingredients

Locally sourced and ingredients are USDA human-grade

Guilt Free

Don’t ever feel bad about feeding your dog. No more burnt brown pellets!

More personal

Before ordering the food, they ask your dog’s age, breed, weight and other health issues to cater to your dog’s individual needs.

Fewer ingredients

Fewer ingredients doesn’t mean that the food is less nutritious.


15 lbs Dog / week55 lbs Dog / week95 lbs Dog / week
$26.99$52.47 $69.90
$27.69$53.51 $82.21
$29.56$64.09 $99.16
$40.48$57.04 $92.14

(*) Price estimate for a nornal activity level 5-year-old adult dog

Top 4 Services: In-Depth Review


“Paws down, the easiest way to feed your pup fresh food.”

Started in 2015, Ollie is based in New York and create their food at a facility in Pennsylvania. Their meals don’t include any fillers- they provide high quality and emphasize on the simplicity of their recipes. Ollie customize the meal plan based on the pet’s weight, age, breed, activity level, and allergies, recommending a precise portion.
  • 4 recipes
  • Human-grade ingredients you can trust
  • Free Shipping
  • Zero fillers.
  • Zero artificial flavors or preservatives


“Every meal is prepared, delivered, and served fresh, perfectly portioned for your pets unique calorie needs. One bag. One meal. Rip. Serve. Enjoy.”

Based in Oakland, California, NomNomNow provides freshly cooked dog meals that are never frozen. Their dog meals are made with restaurant quality ingredients. They are going above and beyond to reach their goal as a fresh meal provider.`
  • 5 recipes
  • Made in USA
  • Free Shipping
  • Exceed AAFCO Standards
  • Uses real, whole food ingrediants
  • Personalized & Perfectly Portioned

The Farmer's Dog

“A smarter, healthier pet food.”

The Farmer’s Dog offers vet-developed plans guide you to the best diet and perfectly timed deliveries. They guarantees delivery of the healthier and freshest food all at a reasonable price.
  • 4 recipes
  • Free Shipping
  • Tested on humans
  • Personalized, Ready-to-serve
  • Made fresh and deliver

Pet Plate

“Great dumps start with great food”

Founded in 2019 in New York by Renaldo Webb & his dog Winston, Pet Plate provides some of the healthiest dog food out there. All their receipts are formulated and approved by veterinary nutritionist. They formulated their receipts nutritionally balanced and highly palatable to dogs.
  • 4 recipes
  • Free Shipping
  • Human-grade ingredients you can trust
  • Zero artificial flavors or preservatives
  • USDA facility
  • Kettle cooked
  • Made in USA
  • Money-back guarantee

Frequent questions

How to softly transition from dry food to Fresh food?

Any time you change your pet’s diet, it’s a good idea to go slowly. Transition them to the new fresh food a little at a time-mix the new food with the regular food and slowly increase the amount of new food

What tests are done to make sure the food is safe for my pet?

Pet food companies use standardized animal feeding designed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Cut services that don’t meet FDA and AAFCO regulations.

Any time you change your pet’s diet, it’s a good idea to go slowly. Transition them to the new fresh food a little at a time-mix the new food with the regular food and slowly increase the amount of new food

It depends on the individual dog, their weight, habits, age, etc, but generally it takes at least a full week of fully transition from an old food to new food.

Yay! You are ready to join the fresh dog meal movement!