Top 4 Healthy Snacks for Dogs You Can Find in Your Kitchen!

Are you looking for some low-calorie healthy snacks for dogs in your own kitchen? You’re in luck, because there are quite a few options for both you and your dog. Certain human foods are undoubtedly toxic for dogs. However, there are a few options that are suitable for dogs as long as you don’t overfeed them. After all, your healthy options can be a lot more if your dog eats in moderation!

That being said, find below the four “ABBC” healthy snacks for dogs that you can find in your own kitchen. 


One of the reasons why the top healthy snacks for dogs are apples is because of all the vitamins they offer. Apples contain Vitamin A, C, K, calcium and phosphorus. These nutrients are antioxidants that protect your dog from cancer and joint diseases.


Bananas are an extremely popular snack for humans as well as for dogs and for good reason. Bananas contain Vitamin B and potassium for maintaining their blood pressure. They also help build stronger muscles and enhance bone strength due to their magnesium and calcium. Additionally, they improve brain function and the immune system of your furry friend.  


Blueberries are healthy snacks for dogs because of all the nutrients they contain. Blueberries are rich in vitamin C and fiber which are both essential for the proper canine nutrition. Moreover, blueberries contain phytochemicals that can prevent tumor growth and fight against cancer. Blueberries are also low-fat and cholesterol-free.


Carrots are not only kind to your wallet, but they are also one of the top healthy snacks for dogs. They are the perfect edible chew toys which can improve your dog’s dental health. Carrots are also a good source of vitamins and other nutrients.

Some Final Words

The above ABBC (Apples-Bananas-Blueberries-Carrots) healthy snacks for dogs are first and foremost healthy snacks for humans. They contain lots of nutrients that are beneficial for your dog. However, do not fall into the trap of overindulging your dog with human snacks! Be mindful of the possibility that some dogs can be allergic to some human foods such as blueberries. Overall, do not risk doing them more harm than good. Do not forget that any snacks can digress to being toxic snacks when you overfeed them to your dog! 

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