Little Beasts around the World 🌎

A look at some pups around the world, looking adorable in Little Beast attire. Chevy is a 31-lb German Shorthaired Pointer.  And this is Henry.Komey is a 15-lb Shih Tzu Maltise mix. She is wearing an AC/DC Fleece Hoodie in size M. Golds, the Saluki Lab is 65 lbs and wearing a Pink Elephant Onesie in size XXL.Remi is a 20-lb Shiba Inu, she is wearing a Flower Power in size M.Kiki, a 6-lb Scottish Fold, is wearing Martian and Peanut Butter Onesies in size XXS.

Odie is a 7-lb Silky Terrier Mix, he is wearing Cloud Nine Fleece in size XS.Eames is a 45-lb Cockapoo-Boxer Mix, he is wearing Peanut Butter Onesie in size XLBento is a 14-lb Terrier Mix, she is wearing Martian Onesie in size S

Irie is a 16-lbs Miniature Schnauzer, she is wearing Meet the parents sweater in size M Nelly is a 9-lb Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua Mix, She is wearing Flower Power Sweater in size XSFrida is a 46-lb Labrador, she is wearing AC/DC  size XLSparky is a 17-lb Mixed Breed, she is wearing Dark and Stormy Onesie in size M Aya is a 25-lb Shiba Inu, she is wearing Pineapple Express Fleece Hoodie in size L