How To Shop and Give With Little Beast

Hi There. Thanks for stopping by. At Little Beast, we think that giving back is such a powerful gesture that can go a long way in connecting people together as humans. Giving back can take many forms such as volunteering, fostering, and of course donating. 

At Little Beast, we want all our customers to feel good in what they are purchasing through the little act of giving back, so we integrated this in our shopping experience. 

Every purchase you make on our site is eligible for donations. Even better, we'll donate on your behalf! 

Here's a quick run through on how this works:

First, when you go on any product page, you'll see a section under the Add To Cart row to Select Cause. Go and click on that to find a charity you want to give to. 

Next, you'll see this screen. Right now we have Featured the COVID-19 Response Fund to help give resources to organizations that will help Feed America and to fund vaccine research. 

If you so choose, you can actually search for a non-profit of your choice as well. 

Once you decide who to give back to, just press Select. From there, just start shopping and we'll tally up the total order and donate 5% of it to your charity. 

That's pretty much it folks. There are no added fees or any additional costs for you. Let's get these donations popping!

<3 Little Beast